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About Us

Tardiff Enterprises was formed in 1990.   We are a full service event management company who's goal is to enhance  your marketing needs through our display and exhibit services.  We  provide comprehensive show-site services from design to execution.

We provide our clients with the most professional service possible and  can assist you with planning and development of any type of special  event or trade show.

We take great pride in providing professional Product Specialists and  representatives trained by us to meet our strict policy of perfection.   They are all highly experienced in their field of display setup,  management, product representation and lead generation.

Our list of venues where we have represented major manufacturers ranges  from Auto Shows, Sponsorship Placement, Jazz Festivals, Film Festivals,  Olympic Equestrian Events and Network TV Productions. 

Why Us

We have the innate ability to promote your product by educating your  potential consumers with information they wouldn't receive through  normal advertising channels.  We interact with the consumer at the  projected level of each venue. 

Leads can be generated by our experienced Product Specialists so that  you have vital consumer information on a timely basis.  Through our  "Code of Perfection" we always perform above and beyond your  expectations. 

The professionals we employ all have the same goals.  Our team works  together as a single unit to enhance your product presentation in the  most effective manner.

If you would like to contact us  directly regarding upcoming sponsorships or events we are knowledgeable  in design, permitting, staffing and everything necessary to execute  your event.

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